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Restrictions defining the operation of secondary and grammar schools

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All regions of Czechia

All regions of Czechia

Prohibition of personal attendance of students in standard presence education (valid for secondary/grammar schools, higher vocational schools, and conservatories)

According to the 3rd point, the government of the Czech Republic restricts:

operation of secondary/grammar schools, higher vocational schools and conservatories according to the law no. 561/2004 Coll., defining rules for educational institutions. Personal attendance in presence lectures is prohibited with valid exceptions for:

  1. Schools founded by facilities for institutional or protective care.
  2. Schools founded by Ministry of Justice.
  3. Participation in clinical and practical teaching or practice of medical field students (general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other) and pedagogy field students carrying out practical teaching or practice within their study plan.
  4. Participation in individual consultations (one student and one consultant).
  5. Participation in entrance exams, final exams, maturita exams, and internationally recognized exams
  6. Participation in exams organized by higher vocational schools up to 10 individuals.
  7. Participation in resit exams organized by secondary/grammar schools and conservatories.

Presence education must be organized in separated groups of students.

Full text of the decree.