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Obligation to have mouth and nose covered outdoors

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All regions of Czechia

All regions of Czechia

It is necessary to wear the given respiratory protection outdoors, if there is an accumulation of persons in the given area (concerts, sports matches, etc.) and several other situations.


  • if there are less than 2 persons in the same place and at the same time
  • if persons are more than 2 meters apart
  • if the persons are members of one household
  • athletes or trainers during training, exercise, wrestling, competition, etc.
  • persons performing an author's work (eg a theatrical, dance or musical performance), persons lecturing and persons performing in the creation and production of an audiovisual work or program
  • moderators, editors and other persons appearing in radio, television and other programs
  • spouses during the marriage ceremony and other persons present at the ceremony and persons making a declaration that they are entering into a registered partnership together, and other persons present at that declaration
  • persons for the time strictly necessary for the taking of their portrait photograph, or photographs of the newlyweds, including a joint photograph with household members and other close persons
  • children up to two years of age (including)
  • persons with a disorder of the intellect, an autism spectrum disorder, and a cognitive disorder or a severe alteration of the mental state, whose mental abilities or current mental state do not allow compliance with this prohibition