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Recommendations for authorities to take measures against the spread of COVID-19

All regions of Czechia

All regions of Czechia

It is recommended to use homeworking or alternative working hours, electronic communication, wear respiratory protection, place hand sanitizer stands, prevent crowding, wear disposable gloves when receiving documents

Taking into account the need to take measures against the spread of COVID-19, in order to protect the public and the staff of the services and to maintain the proper performance of their duties

Deputy Minister of the Interior for the Civil Service

According to point 1. recommends that the duty/work regime be adapted to the current epidemiological situation while maintaining the proper performance of the tasks of the service (hereinafter referred to as 'the Office'), so as to limit contact between staff within the service, taking into account not only the staff member's assignment to an organizational unit, the location of the offices and the use of kitchen and sanitary facilities, using the institutes of homeworking/partial homeworking and alternative working time arrangements, while respecting the weekly working time of each staff member.

It further recommends that, depending on the current epidemiological situation, the authorities take the following measures to prevent the emergence and transmission of infection among staff:

2.1 Equip employees with respiratory protective equipment and disinfectants, employees at workplaces receiving documents in paper form with disposable protective gloves, workplaces with hand sanitizer stands and implement increased hygiene measures at the point of operation (disinfection of surfaces, regular disinfection of door handles, elevator buttons, handrails and other areas commonly touched by hands, including shared computer and office equipment).

2.2 Prefer and increase the level of digitization of agendas and their exclusively electronic handling, thereby limiting personal contact between staff and other persons to the level necessary, in particular:

2.2.1. preferring electronic, telephone, or other remote (teleconference, videoconference, chat, per rollam voting) contact to direct personal contact, while maintaining the possibility of personal contact with clients/public during office hours

  • when direct face-to-face contact with clients/public is recommended, the authorities should, where possible, ensure that staff limit personal contact by conducting meetings at client workplaces equipped with an ordering system and a barrier to prevent the transmission of infection and by appropriately reminding clients/public of the need to conduct all personal contact 2 on the premises of the offices using respiratory protective equipment and the desirability of maintaining a distance of at least 2 meters between clients/public and each other and, if the workplace is not equipped with a barrier, between clients/public and staff;
  • in direct personal contact with other Authority staff or with a staff of other authorities and public authorities, it is recommended that, where possible, Authorities ensure that personal contact of staff is limited to meetings in designated workplaces where enhanced hygiene measures are observed while recommending the lowest possible number of participants and the shortest possible duration of meetings and taking such measures that any quarantine/isolation of participants in meetings does not subsequently compromise the performance of the Authority's tasks.

2.2.2. a preference for the receipt of documents in electronic form over paper form, whilst retaining the possibility of receiving documents in paper form

it is recommended that documents be received in paper form, in particular through the offices of the Registry and, within the offices, through the offices of the secretariats of the departments; it is recommended that the method of receiving documents be communicated in an appropriate manner on the official notice board and on the Office's website and in the entrances to the offices.

2.3 Prevent crowding and create conditions for keeping people at least 2 meters apart in the offices.

Concludes by reminding the authorities, with regard to compliance with any stricter hygiene rules of operation, of their obligation to comply with emergency measures issued by the public health authorities under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Defence respectively.

The full wording of the measure (only in Czech).