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Setting the conditions for visits to asylum facilities

All regions of Czechia

All regions of Czechia

Visits will only be allowed to persons who have been vaccinated against covid-19, have had the disease, or present a negative RT-PCR test result that is no more than 72 hours old. There are exceptions to this rule.

The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic restricts:

visits to reception and residence centers pursuant to §79 par. 2) and 3) of Act No. 325/1999 Coll., on Asylum, as amended, in a way that: 

1. a person may carry out a visit provided that during the visit he/she uses a respiratory protective device (nose, mouth), which is a respirator or similar device (always without an exhalation valve) fulfilling at least all technical conditions and requirements (for the product), including a filtration efficiency of at least 94% according to the relevant standards, with exceptions from this obligation according to the emergency measure of the Ministry of Health on respiratory protection, and in compliance with other specified regime measures,

2. the visit may only be made by a person who does not show clinical signs of covid-19 disease and who provides evidence on an entry that he or she meets the following conditions:

(a) the person has been vaccinated against the covid-19 disease and provides evidence by a national certificate of vaccination or a certificate of vaccination issued in accordance with the European Union Regulation on the EU COVID digital certificate1, provided that at least 14 days have elapsed since the completion of the vaccination schedule; a national certificate of vaccination shall be considered to be a written certificate issued at least in the English language by an authorized person operating in a third country, a model of which is published in the list of recognized national certificates on the website of the Ministry of Health; the written certificate shall contain details of the person vaccinated, the type of vaccine administered, the date of administration of the vaccine, the identification of the person who issued the certificate and these details shall be verifiable by remote access directly from the written certificate, provided that the vaccination has been administered

(i) a medicinal product containing a covid-19 vaccine authorized under Regulation (ES) No 726/2004; or

(ii) a medicinal product of the manufacture of which is in accordance with a patent for a medicinal product referred to in point (i), provided that the medicinal product is also approved by the World Health Organisation for emergency use; or

(b) the person has a laboratory-confirmed covid-19 disease, the period of ordered isolation has elapsed and no more than 180 days have elapsed since the first positive rapid antigen test (RAT) for SARS-CoV-2 antigen or RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 virus; or

(c) the person has undergone RT-PCR testing for the presence of SARS CoV-2 virus with a negative result no more than 72 hours ago;

the obligation to provide proof of compliance with the conditions referred to in point 2, letters a), b) or c) shall not apply to children under 12 years of age and to visits by a lawyer, advocate, court-appointed guardian, persons providing regular legal and social counseling and officials; persons who during entry do not provide proof of compliance with the conditions referred to in point 2, letters a), (b) or (c) and refuse to wear respiratory protection according to point 1 without being exempted under an emergency measure of the Ministry of Health on respiratory protection, the Director of the Administration of Refugee Facilities of the Ministry of the Interior shall not allow the visit by organizational measure.

The full wording of the measure (only in Czech).