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From September 1, tests will not be reimbursed anymore (except for semi-vaccinated persons, children and some other groups).

Restriction of the right peacefully to assemble

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All regions of Czechia

All regions of Czechia

The right peacefully to assemble is restricted so as to limit the size of a group of people assembling to 20 persons pursuant to other regulations

Pursuant to Article I/15,  the Ministry of Health sets out following Exercise Conditions for the right peacefully to assemble pursuant to Act No. 84/1990 Coll., Peacefully Assemble Act, as amended:

a) if a gathering takes place outside of the inner premises of a building, its participants may gather groupwise and the group size must not exceed 20 persons; the groups' members are obligated to ensure a 2-meter safe distance between the groups,

b) if a gathering takes place on the inner premises of a building, its participants (with the exception of mutual household members) are obligated to keep a 2-meter safe distance. All participants are, in addition, obligated to sanitize their hands upon entering the premises.

Measure in its entirety (in Czech only)