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Ban on free movement for people arriving from abroad

All regions of Czechia

All regions of Czechia

Free movement of persons arriving from abroad is prohibited.

The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic prohibits all persons under point II (only in Czech):

1. entry into the territory of the Czech Republic for all citizens of third countries; this does not apply to:

(a) for foreign nationals who can prove that immediately before entering the Czech Republic they have stayed for at least 14 days in a country with a low risk of infection and have not stayed for more than 12 hours in the last 14 days in the territory of countries with other than a low risk of infection,

(b) holders of a valid long-term visa, long-term, temporary, or permanent residence permit in the territory of the European Union,

c) for foreigners who have been issued a short-stay visa after 11 May 2020 by the Czech Republic or after 1 August 2021 by a Member State of the European Union on behalf of the Czech Republic pursuant to a bilateral agreement,

d) for family members within the meaning of §15a of Act No 326/1999 Coll., on the residence of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic and on amendments to certain acts, as amended, of citizens of the Czech Republic or citizens of the European Union residing in the territory of the Czech Republic,

e) if in exceptional situations the entry and physical presence of the foreigner on the territory of the Czech Republic are absolutely necessary and at the same time the reason for the entry is supported by an appropriate document issued by the head of the central state administration body, which contains a proper specific justification of the necessity of the foreigner's physical presence on the territory of the Czech Republic and the impossibility of ensuring the fulfillment of the purpose pursued in another way; a mere general statement of the need for physical presence does not fulfill the condition of a proper specific justification; the document cannot be issued for accompanying family members of the applicant foreigner,

(f) for international transport workers, provided that the reason for entry is supported by an appropriate document,

g) for accredited members of diplomatic missions in the Czech Republic, including private service persons, holders of diplomatic passports traveling to the Czech Republic on official business, and officials of international organizations registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

h) in urgent emergency situations (the need to provide planned medical services, fulfillment of an obligation imposed by a court, travel on the basis of a summons from a state authority, execution of a court decision, official hearing, entrance examination for studies, nostrification examination, necessary care for close family members who are unable to take care of themselves, the exercise of the right to care for or contact with a minor child, other humanitarian situations), provided that the reason for entry is supported by an appropriate document,

i) for a foreigner who has a demonstrable permanent partnership relationship with a citizen of the Czech Republic or a citizen of the European Union with a temporary stay of over 90 days or permanent residence in the Czech Republic, based in particular on cohabitation in a common household, and has been issued a certificate by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the purpose of being granted entry to the Czech Republic under this point,

j) for vaccinated persons with a national certificate of vaccination, for vaccinated persons with a national certificate of completed vaccination, and for persons who have suffered from COVID-19 and the period of stay will not exceed the validity of the certificate;

(k) in the case of a minor child who is traveling with his/her legal guardian or accompanying another person and who holds a national vaccination certificate or a national certificate of completed vaccination or is a person who has contracted COVID-19, and the validity of the certificate is longer than the intended duration of stay; this provision shall not apply to school trips and similar group visits,

l) if the entry is in the foreign policy interest of the Czech Republic, which is decided only by the Minister of Foreign Affairs;

provided that they meet the conditions for entry under this protection measure and are otherwise entitled to enter the territory of the Czech Republic.

Full text of the measure (only in Czech).