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Information on the comprehensive testing using antigen tests

On August 19, the Czech government has decided that starting from September 1, only one antigene testing per 7 days and two PCR testings per month will continue to be reimbursed; the reimbursement will apply solely to selected population groups:

  • children up to 17,99 years of age
  • persons who are unable to get vaccinated due to a contraindication
  • persons who are either semi-vaccinated or fully vaccinated but the 14-day timespan since they have got their last dose administered has not yet elapsed

As of 1st June 2021, once in 7 days, an antigenic test is reimbursed from public health. In addition, two PCR tests per month will be reimbursed. Testing is not mandatory.

The preventive antigene testing is not mainly designed for quarantined persons or persons manifestating any COVID-19 symptoms. The latter have to contact their GP, he/she will then issue an e-Request for a PCR test or any other medical examination needed.

The course of surface rapid antigene testing (RAT), carried out by a medical worker

Testing will take place in the “Network of antigen sampling centres- AOCin the already operating network of sampling points.

All persons with public health insurance in the Czech Republic can participate.

Fire and rescue services and the Czech Army will help strengthen the capacities. There will also be a reservation system where citizens can book a date and see the occupancy of individual consumption points. This system will be connected to e-Request (eŽádanka). But you do not need it in advance. On the contrary, you fill in your data in the system, give Informed Consent (due to the processing of personal data) and the system will generate an e-Request for you.

If you are interested in voluntary antigen testing, you can contact your GP (some of them already provide antigen test). The same can apply to your dentist, gynaecologist, etc. Look on the map and find the best place at one of your doctors.

View the capacity of the public sampling points on the UZIS CR website. In addition, Prague has its own portal, where you can book an appointment at individual collection points.

You can also book your appointment by calling 1221. It is available on weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 4.30 pm. Hearing-impaired persons or foreigners who prefer a written form of communication can use the option of a transcribed call.

Some GPs and dentists provide antigenic preventive testing, but now only to their patients. You can find out whether your doctor is also involved on the website of the Doctors Help the Czech Republic initiative.

From January 1, 2021, all health service providers performing antigen testing are obliged to immediately report information on each POC antigen test result electronically to the Infectious Disease Information System (IDIS).

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