The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

read_moreInterpretation of the antigen test result, how to behave after receiving the Ag test result

The antigene test came out negative, but you have symptoms

You are probably suffering from another illness and should therefore contact your GP to make an appointment.

The antigene test came out positive, but you have no symptoms

If the patient is asymptomatic and the result of the Ag tests is positive, the subject who performed the test induces a confirmatory PCR test right on the spot. It is therefore not necessary to undergo it again. Only serious operating reasons of the test equipment may make it impossible to perform the PCR test immediately. In this case, you will be ordered for a PCR test and instructed on how to behave by then. Please stay in isolation until the PCR test result is sent. If you are positive, tell your GP.

The antigene test was positive

If you also have symptoms, you will be sent to isolation and, if necessary, provided with medical care. Respectively, the procedure will be the same as if you were positive PCR-tested, which was the commonplace way of testing until antigene tests emerged. Your contacts will also be traced by default.

The exact instructions will always be communicated to you individually together with the test result.