The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

announcementProblems and failures that can occur when testing Ag tests

The general practitioner does not want to write me an e-request.

You do not need an e-Request for the antigen test. If you need a request for a PCR test because you have symptoms or you are at risk of being infected, the GP is obliged to write you an e-Request.

I want to be tested (antigen test), but I can't come to the collection points.

Mobile sampling teams operate only until 18th December for pedagogical staff, even if you make an appointment. Such testing is not possible for other citizens.

My general practitioner is not available (vacation, illness, ...) and I need an e-Request.

You no longer need a GP to test with antigen tests. If you are looking for a PCR test request, GPs usually have a substitute GP. If you have just encountered a situation where your GP does not have a substitute GP, you can contact KHS. Unfortunately, they are now overloaded and it may take a while to contact them. However, they can also issue you an e-Request if you describe your situation- that is, PL was not available to you.

I think I suffer from Covid. Should I go for an antigen test or a PCR test? Or can I choose?

If you have symptoms of coronavirus disease or have been in risky contact with a positively tested person, contact your GP and follow his instructions. He will probably either invite you to his office for an antigen test or write you an e-Request for a PCR test.

Can I refuse testing?

You can refuse comprehensive preventive testing with antigen tests. If you are issued an eRequest by a GP - you have symptoms- you are in risky contact, it is your duty to attend the tests. In this case, it will be a PCR test, not an antigen test.

When can I be denied testing?

The examination is not performed on persons who have undergone isolation due to COVID-19 at least to the extent of the valid emergency measure of the Ministry of Health regulating the regulation of isolation and quarantine and at the same time no more than 90 days have elapsed since the first RT-PCR test. It is also not performed on individuals who have undergone a negative RT-PCR test in the last 5 days.