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Testing for employees, students and pupils

Three waves of preventive testing of children, pupils, and students will take place at the beginning of the school year - on 1 September, 6 September, and 9 September.

Find out more in the education section

As of July 1, universal testing of staff, pupils and students have been canceled. 

Mandatory testing for COVID- 19 will start from March 1, 2021. The company can test either by a healthcare professional or by the so-called self-tests (where employees test themselves).

You can learn more about self-testing in Life Situation Jobs> Antigen testing for employees.

You can use the services of health professionals, which can be, for example, an occupational physician, or existing test sites, you will learn more in a life situation Business activity> Mandatory Comprehensive Testing of Employees.

Mandatory testing of public office employees is very similar. For more info Offices and Institutions>Mandatory Covid-19 testing of public office staff.

Mandatory testing of school employees and school facilities employees can be found in Education>Mandatory testing of school employees.