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Company and membership meetings

Rules and recommendations

Due to the pandemic, it is difficult to hold general meetings of companies or membership meetings. However, the government passed a law that responds to the effects of the epidemic.

If it is not possible to meet in person to discuss a certain important issue the law defines the rules for taking decisions for the duration of the state of emergency. This applies even if it is not enshrined in the articles of an association.

Specifically, it is possible to use technical tools such as teleconferencing or decision-making per rollam (i.e. by mail or email).

The option applies in general to legal entities, i.e. Private Limited Company, corp, and societies

The validity of the above-mentioned rules was extended by Act No. 460/2020 Coll. until June 30, 2021.

Special regime measures have been taken in the case of a meeting held in person for more than 10 participants, they are:

  • each person must wear a respirator of class FFP2, KN95 or N 95,
  • persons are seated so as to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from each other,
  • each person must prove a negative antigen or PCR test upon their arrival,
  • a meeting may be attended by a maximum of 50 persons, unless it is a meeting necessary to fulfil the obligations imposed by law, including the choice of a body.

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