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eIdentity and login to Ministry of Industry and Trade agenda information system

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

What is eIdentity?

It is an Electronic identification (or eIdentity) that verifies your identity online. By this verification you will gain access to the Identification Portal, which is the gateway to the world of online services provided mainly by public administration. This for example includes the access to the MIT Information System where you can apply for subsidy programs (COVID - Rent, COVID - Culture, etc.) or access the Citizen's Portal.


Prior to the AIS MIT you have to establish an active identity of a physical person (account) on the eIdentity portal. This is a requirement for at least one applicant no matter how many users will sign up. 

You can enter the AIS MIT system only with a valid electronic identification (eIdentita portal) which came into force under the Act No. 250/2017 Coll. on electronic identification, as amended. 

Requirements to enter the eIdentity system for physical persons:

  • electronic identity card (ID card issued after 1 July 2018 with activated contact electronic chip). Using the e-ID card to identify the user requires the installation of the necessary software on your PC or mobile phone and the connection of a hardware chip reader for the ID card. More information can be found on the eIdentity portal.
  • NIA ID (previously worked as an user account on the portal): Once you register your account you must activate the account on the portal either via eID, logging in to the data box of a physical person (user), or in person at any branch of the Czech POINT. More information can be found on the eIdentity portal.
  • Starcos chip card issued by První certifikační autorita, a.s. In order to use the card you need the physical card, smart card reader and the Secure Store control software. More information can be found on the First Certification Authority website.
  • myID (mojeID) - You can use your account as a full-fledged authentication tool if you connect my ID with the National Identification and Authentication Point (NIA). You can find more information on myID website.

All of the above ways to verify your identity are issued only to physical and not legal persons. The connection between the identified physical person and the legal entity or entrepreneur is conducted by the AIS MIT.

More information can be found on the eIdentity portal.

If you use identity verification using the combination "Name, password, SMS", you must fill in the registration form on the portal. After you fill in the form you should receive an application identification number which needs to be activated.

You can activate your account in the following ways:

 Activation via the national point portal

  • Verification with the same or higher level of guarantee (e.g. eID),
  • By verifying the data box of a natural person (Non-business).

Activation via the Czech POINT 

  • By providing reference data from the population register to the Administration of Basic Registers,
  • You can do so via the eIdentity portal where you proceed to step 2 after you activate your identity (Applicant registration step, login to AIS MIT).

More information about the eIdentita portal can be found on the website. (only in Czech)

You can also watch the video explaining the creation of an eIdentity using "Name, Password and SMS" authentication.