The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

schoolDistance learning

Rules and recommendations

In-person participation in classes is prohibited (excepting students in the first and second grade of primary school). For the rest, schooling must be held online.

Participation in distance learning is compulsory for pupils. In the case of compulsory school attendance, it is necessary to apologize within 3 working days. For students of higher education, we recommend following the instructions of the study department and individual teachers.

If a student or pupil does not have the necessary technology to complete this type of teaching, they should ask their educational institution for help. In the case of exhausted school capacities, we recommend contacting non-profit organizations.

In case of increased stress or anxiety associated with distance learning, use the information in the Stress and handling impacts of the pandemic section.

To successfully manage distance learning, we recommend setting up a regime that simulates your schedule under the conditions of full-time studying:  

  • Get up at regular hours.
  • Create a workspace.
  • Do not study from the bed.
  • Schedule your tasks and responsibilities.
  • Make notes, it will help you keep your attention.
  • Communicate with teachers and classmates.

Here is some inspiration (in Czech) on how to distance education for your children, in case you need it.