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Halls of residence

Rules and recommendations

Due to unfavourable pandemic situation, it is prohibited to provide accommodation in any school halls or dormitories to students with permanent residence in the Czech Republic. This applies also to university students.

There are some exceptions. Students staying in a residence for a purpose of presence or distance education can be accommodated in a residence. A valid exception is also granted for students attending the practical training, medics, and students of pedagogical fields or students ordered with on-call duty.

Stay in a residence is also permitted for PhD students attending presence education.

I live in a hall of residence

As a student with no other residence (place to stay, home) you have also the right to stay in a residence or dormitory. The residence (not a hall of residence) is a place where you permanently live and feel at home. If you are able to prove that you feel home at the hall of residence, you may stay there.

Please pay increased attention to hygiene if staying in a residence – face mask, hand sanitation, social distancing.

Ministry of Education is asking, if possible, students to return home and reduce their social contacts. Universities define their own set of rules about operation of halls of residences. Thus, in case of any question, please contact the hall of residence directly via phone or e-mail.

If you are in a difficult social situation related to any of mentioned measure, do not hesitate to ask your institution (school, college, university) for help. You may be provided with scholarship intended for students in need. Financial help is also offered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

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