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COVID Travel Agency Guarantee

The Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank will provide guarantees to travel bureaus and travel agencies.

"ZOO Subsidy" Program- The call has ended

The Ministry of the Environment will provide a subsidy to zoos for the purchase of animal food. It is possible to apply until March 31st 2021.

1. Combining subsidy programs

General overview of individual programs for entrepreneurs. Do you know what programs you can apply for, for example, if you are self-employed with employees?

A large tax liberation package

Postponement of tax obligations to all entrepreneurs whose activities were immediately restricted or prohibited and other tax liberations.

AGRICOVID Food industry II

The Ministry of Agriculture will announce the 2nd call for support to business entities operating in the field of food production.

Antivirus A, A Plus - forced limitations to service operation and quarantine

Terms and conditions of the program Antivirus A and Antivirus A Plus.

Beer poured down the drain exempted from the consumption tax permanently

Beer poured down the drain or returned to the brewery exempted from the consumption tax permanently.

Compensation bonus

Terms and conditions of the Compensation Bonus.

Covid - Culture for non-state operators of publicly accessible cultural monuments

Subsidies for non - state operators of publicly accessible cultural monuments for 2020.

COVID - SPORT support programme

Program for entrepreneurs operating in the sports sector.

COVID – Uncovered costs

The program is intended for entities whose business has been restricted by the governmental measures.

COVID III guarantee program for companies affected by coronavirus (from the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank)

Support by a guarantee for the operating bank loans of entrepreneurs up to 500 employees.

COVID PLUS guarantee for large exporters (by Export Guarantee and Insurance Company)

Terms and conditions of the program Covid Plus for large export companies.

COVID-BUS regular (linka) II

The aid is intended for operators of national and international public lines and bus services operating public commercial bus lines.

EET postponement

Postponement of all four phases of electronic sales records lasts until January 1st, 2023.

Extraordinary subsidy 2021 - children's groups

Applications can be submitted until July 31st, 2021.

New compensation bonus for self-employed, DPP, DPČ and partners of small Ltd

There is a wider circle of potential applicants in the new compensatory bonus, applications are being accepted from February 1st, 2021.