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moneyAntivirus B - related economic difficulties


The period of eligibility of expenditure is extended until December 31st, 2020.

The Antivirus program and the anti-epidemic system (PES in Czech)

On the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, you will find an overview that will tell you which companies can apply for the Antivirus program at various levels of the anti-epidemic system (PES in Czech).

Antivirus B:

The struggles in work on the side of the employer due to economic difficulties related to the spread of COVID-19.

Antivirus B can use employers who have had to send their employees to an obstacle at work, either because of quarantine or because the childcare has reduced the number of employees below tolerable levels. Other reasons can be that the company has had to shut down due to lack of available raw materials or other inputs, or due to reduced demand for products or services due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

The contribution will be provided to employers in the amount of 60% of paid wage compensations, including levies, in a maximum of CZK 29,000 per month per employee. Antivirus B rules remain the same as before. There is no change in the procedure for employers or the Labor Offices.

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