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From September 1, tests will not be reimbursed anymore (except for semi-vaccinated persons, children and some other groups).

Antivirus B - related economic difficulties

Antivirus B can be used by employers who have had to send their employees to an obstacle at work, either because quarantine or childcare has reduced the number of employees below tolerable levels. Other reasons can be that the company has had to shut down due to lack of available raw materials or other inputs, or due to reduced demand for products or services due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Purpose/conditions for drawing: Eligible expenses are wage compensations paid due to obstacles at work on the part of the employer according to § 207 to § 209 of the Labor Code, including the insurance premium paid from this wage compensation.

The maximum amount of support: 60% of paid wage compensations, including mandatory contributions, maximum 29,000 CZK per month per employee.

Applicable period: March 12th, 2020 - February 28th, 2021

Receipt of applications: April 6th, 2020 to February 28th,  2021


Methods of applying: Data boxes, e-mail with a recognized electronic signature. If the applicant does not have data boxes set up or does not have a recognized electronic signature, he may authorize a third party who meets these conditions for administration remotely to act against UP ČR (sending the application, signing the agreement, translating the bill). In this case, it is necessary to send this power of attorney together with the application. All operations are performed remotely via a web application, data boxes, or e-mail with a recognized electronic signature. No other way of applying will be allowed.


The Antivirus program and the anti-epidemic system (PES in Czech)

On the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, you will find an overview that will tell you which companies can apply for the Antivirus program at various levels of the anti-epidemic system (PES in Czech).

Additional information in English here.

More information here.