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Antivirus A - Receipt of applications has ended

Who is the aid intended for:

This compensation applies to cases where employees are ordered to quarantine or to be isolated due to COVID-19.

The maximum amount of support:

The amount of the support is set at 80% of eligible costs (compensation of wages paid to employees + the corresponding amount of statutory contributions), but a maximum of CZK 39,000 per employee and month. For employees, this means that they are in obstacles and receive a wage compensation of 60% of average earnings.

Several conditions will have to be met to be eligible for compensation

  • the employer strictly complies with the Labor Code,
  • the employee must not be on notice and must not be given notice,
  • applies to companies in the corporate sector, employees must be employed and must participate in sickness and pension insurance,
  • the employer must pay wage compensation and pay levies.

Receipt of applications

Until February 28th, 2022.

Method of applying

Companies that have already signed an agreement with the Labor Office of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as the Labor Office of the Czech Republic) are proceeding as they were used to before. Thus, they document the Statement and again follow up on drawing support. The statement is submitted after the end of the calendar month for which the company requests. At the same time, wage compensation and mandatory contributions must first be paid.

Companies that do not have a signed agreement with ÚP ČR will fill in the application in the application (link on the banner below) and send it to ÚP ČR. There theyl will inspect it and, if necessary, request a correction or adjustment. In that case, the applicant fills in a new application in the required order. The Labor Office then decides whether it can be closed or whether it rejects the application for specific reasons. After concluding the agreement, paying wages and mandatory contributions, a monthly Statement is filled in for each scheme for which the employer requests a contribution (A, B), and this Statement was sent by the company via a data box or email with an electronic signature back to the employment office.

More information on the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs website