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CALL ENDED: COVID-BUS linka (regular public transportation)

The support covers the critical period of spring 2020 and is calculated to support the ability of applicants to repay their liabilities incurred in the second half of 2020, in which there was no expected recovery of the transport market.

Purpose/conditions for drawing: The recipient of the subsidy can only be an entrepreneur who operates in the field of regular public transport in the Czech Republic, is the holder of the relevant concession, has a license for the operation of national regular public bus transport or a license or permit for the operation of international public commercial regular bus transport between the Czech Republic and foreign countries, it also operated the commercial regular public bus transport in the relevant period according to the submitted approved timetable.


Make sure you meet the conditions for applying:


  • you are the holder of a concession "Road motor transport", a type of "passenger road transport operated by vehicles intended for the transport of more than 9 persons, including the driver",
  • between March 12th and June 30th, you operated at least 1 bus on a public commercial passenger bus service,
  • you hold a license or permit to operate public commercial regular bus services, including the approved timetable valid in the relevant period, according to which you were to operate public commercial regular bus services in the relevant period, at least for one connection once a week calculated on average for the relevant period,
  • you did not apply for COVID BUS support for non-scheduled (tour) services on the same buses in 2020. The inclusion of buses other than those supported under COVID BUS for non-scheduled services is not an obstacle to applying,
  • in the 2nd quarter of 2020, compared to the 2nd quarter of 2019, revenues from public bus transport without a public service contract for which you have a license or permit decreased by more than 50%,
  • you have no outstanding liabilities to the state or state funds (at the tax office, the district administration of social security and health insurance companies, the State Environmental Fund, the State Land Office and the Customs Administration),
  • insolvency proceedings are not taking place on your property, or have not taken place in the last 3 years,
  • you were not in liquidation before March 12th, 2020.

Maximum aid amount: The aid amount will be derived from the emission class of the bus (higher emission class = newer bus = lower environmental impact = higher purchase price of the bus), with the proviso that the bus must be in emission class EURO2 and higher. Furthermore, the capacity of the bus itself will be taken into account.

Relevant period: the support is focused on the period from March 12th, 2020 to 30 June 30th, 2020 while the decisive period for calculating the amount of support is determined in accordance with the "COVID - BUS" program.


Receipt of application: from May 19th to June 18th, 2021

Method of application: Applications can only be submitted electronically. The easiest way is through your data box, but if you don't have a data box, you can use one of the other methods.

Detailed information about the program can be found on the website of the Ministry of Transport. And if you have any questions or encounter a problem, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section.