The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

moneyCaregiver’s allowance for full-time employees/people with work agreements

The employers can claim the caregiver's allowance in the amount of 70% of the daily assessment basis, which must be at least CZK 400 per day on full-time employment.

Currently (December 14th, 2020): Due to the increased epidemiological risk (PES level 4), children will go to school for the last time before Christmas on December 18th, 2020. December 21st and December 22nd, there are no classes at primary and secondary schools. That is why parents (meeting program conditions) will be allowed to ask for the caregiver’s allowance for those days.

Applications should be submitted for the previous month (from October 5th, 2020). You can start submitting applications from November 2nd, 2020. If the lockdown continues in November, you will then submit a new application for November.

Program Rules
For the allowance can apply an employee (including those in part-time work agreements, if the health insurance was paid out of the agreement in the month of entitlement or in the previous 3 months) who is unable to work due to nursing/care of:

  • A child under 10 years of age (at the time of entitlement to caregiver's allowance, the child must be under 10 years of age).
  • A child (up to the age of 26) in schooling who is dependent on the care of another person (from primary school onwards).
  • An individual older than 10 years dependent on the care of another person using the services of daily, weekly hospitals, and similar facilities.
  • A child who is unable to attend classes due to family quarantine regulations. These conditions also apply to single parents.

The applicant will receive the money for the relevant month retrospectively. Payment is sent to the same account used for wage payment or by postal order when the wage is paid in cash.

Entitlement to the caregiver's allowance applies throughout the whole school closure period. However, the right expires upon termination of employment.

You can fill out the application online.
More information about the program.