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Compensation bonus

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

The increase of the bonus from CZK 500 to CZK 1,000 per day was approved and applies retroactively from February 1st, 2021 (the amendment to the Act is effective from February 24th, 2021). The pool of potential applicants is now larger, now bankrupt people, volunteers in care services and foster parents working on an agreement can also apply.

Purpose/conditions for drawing:

1) The condition for drawing this bonus is the predominant activity in the business, which was directly closed due to government restrictions. Compared to the spring bonus program, the concurrence with employment will no longer be examined. The only thing examined will be the so-called dominant source of livelihood for the decisive period from June 1st until September 30th, 2020 in some of the areas affected by government restrictions, such as hospitality, culture, sports and others.

2) In addition to the directly affected owners of bars, restaurants or fitness centres, this bonus is also aimed at activities directly related. These include self-employed individuals and partners of small ltd., who are in direct symbiosis with closed areas of the economy and who cannot easily replace their income. For example a coach in the gym or an actor in the theatre. A key condition for these applicants the inability to supply products or services or to carry out activities. Their work performance must have been reduced by at least 80% (in comparison to the relevant period from June to September 2020). At the same time, this activity must be the main livelihood income for the supplier (or entrepreneur in direct symbiosis), for which there is no easy substitute.

3) People with work agreements: The condition for entitlement to the bonus is that the applicant has worked for at least 3 of 4 months in the relevant period (from June 1st until September 30th, 2020) on the insured agreement (from which sickness insurance is paid). I.e. the income for the agreement of the working activity (DPČ) was at least 3,000 CZK per month, for work agreements (DPP) then over 10,000 CZK per month.

For the bonus can apply self-employed individuals with an active license as of October 5th, 2020 or with a short-term interruption after March 12th, 2020. In the case of LLC., it must have a maximum of two partners, or it must be a family LLC. More information on the Financial Administration website.

Relevant period:

the first bonus period from October 5th, 2020 until November 4th, 2020, 

the second bonus period from November 5th until November 21st, 2020, 

the third bonus period from November 22nd, 2020 until December 13th, 2020 and

the fourth bonus period from December 14th, 2020 until December 24th.

the fifth bonus period from December 25th, 2020 to January 23rd, 2021.

the sixth bonus period from January 24th, 2021 to February 15th, 2021.


The application can be submitted no later than:

January 5th, 2021, for the first bonus period,

January 22nd, 2021, for the second bonus period,

February 15th, 2021, for the third bonus period,

February 25th, 2021, for the fourth bonus period.

March 24th, 2021, for the fifth bonus period.

April 16th, 2021, for the sixth bonus period.

The maximum amount of support:

The amount of the compensation bonus is CZK 1000 for each calendar day (within individual bonus periods) stated in the application for the compensation bonus, for which the applicant for the compensation bonus became entitled to the compensation bonus.

Methods of applying:

Online submission of the application via the web application/page (see below), it is also possible to download the form for printing and send it via the data box, in person at the Tax Office, but also by e-mail. You can also use the option of applying in writing and sending it by mail. 


More details about the application can be found on the Financial Administration website

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