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Completed: COVID Accommodation II

Individual accommodation facilities consist of accommodation services and are usually for a specific targeted group, both individual tourists as well as school trips (recreational areas, cottages in the mountains), etc.


IUZ - Individual accommodation facility
HUZ - Collective accommodation

Who is the support intended for: Individual accommodation facilities (i.e private accommodation, small boarding houses, apartments, rooms, recreational facilities used for temporary accommodation). As of 26 March 2021, the support is also intended for camps and cottage settlements. The support is not intended for accommodation services in an apartment building (e.g. Airbnb), because these apartments can be leased by the real estate market.

The maximum amount of support: A subsidy of CZK 200 room/day. In the case that the applicant is unable to prove the provision of services in the taxation period of 2019, or began its activities only after 31 December 2019, then the support is CZK 100 room/day. We are thus responding to the fact that a number of entrepreneurs were preparing new establishments in good faith for opening in 2020. However, the condition is that the applicant started operations no later than 1 October 2020. Sustainability of the support is proposed for three months, i.e. that the applicant may not terminate the activity within three months from the issuance of the decision on the provision of a subsidy to the existing business activity on the basis of which he provides accommodation services.

The rule differs for HUZ according to the size of the establishment. for more information see the full version, and specifically, point 11.2 and below. (only in Czech)

Decisive period: 22 October 2020 - 22 January 2021 (except December 3 - December 17, 2020)

The relevant period for the first call is capped on 78 days for the second wave of restrictions (22 October 2020 - 22 January 2021 - the period from 3 - 17 December 2020 is not included when no restrictions on the provision of accommodation services applied). In the case of a continuing negative epidemiological situation and the extension of restrictions on the provision of accommodation services. More changes in the scope of support may follow.

Receipt of applications: Collective accommodation establishments (HUZ): from 25 January 2021. - 31 March 2021

Applications deadlines: 

Collective accommodation (HUZ): From 25 January 2021 until 29 April 2021

Individual accommodation (IUZ): From 8 February 2021 in the afternoon, at that time an electronic application will also be available., Until 31 March 2021