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Completed: COVID-Culture III

The aim of the Call is to support the artistic professions, which were prevented from performing their main gainful activity by regulations adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and thus found themselves without the main source of income.

Purpose/conditions: One-off support is intended for professions in a culture specifically in music, theatre, dance, fine arts and literature. The subsidy can be obtained for example by actors, musicians, dancers, singers, playwrights, acrobats, sound engineers, illuminators, managers in the arts following the Call No. II. This program has recently expanded to include artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, or writers.

The COVID - CULTURE III program for the self-employed will be evaluated by the Ministry of Culture and money paid to individual applicants directly by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

All applicants for a one-off aid must meet the following conditions:

  • Must belong to the following fields: music, theatre, dance, fine arts or literature, and the primary is to provide a cultural service to the public in the field of performing arts, fine arts or literature, and their income from these activities predominates in the overall income. Furthermore, performing artists, authors and other professional artistic and technical professions active in the fields are included.
  • The support applies to self-employed persons with valid ID / VAT whose full-time job is in the above fields. (e.g. employee engagement in a theatre club)
  • Self-employed excepting children/students, persons collecting some form of pension, parental allowance/maternity, and carers including pedagogical staff on part-time employment and their income is predominant.
  • Simultaneously applicants participating in live stage performances, literary/artistic work and the sum of their active and inactive income in 2020 did not exceed the amount of 418,020 CZK, i.e. the income limit. This amount (418,020 CZK) is the sum of all income of the applicant, and the income for the year 2020 is considered to be:
  • income from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020, including royalties on bases of collective administrators, etc.: 
  1. based on Section 6 of Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on income taxes, i.e. the gross wages.
  2. based on Section 7 of Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on income taxes, i.e. income from the activities of self-employed persons (IČO / DIČ); The amount does not include expenses of a self-employed person in connection with achieving income from self-employment - real eligible expenses / flat rate: 60% of income from trade business (ID), 40% of other income from self-employment, i.e. according to application for the application of expenses determined as a percentage of income from independent activities, or according to data from the tax return, resp. real expenditure.
  • Other income - e.g. social benefits, nursing allowances, extraordinary government support and subsidies - old-age or other pension or parental allowance is not included in the sum of income in 2020.
  • The applicant did not interrupt the operation of trade, or the operation of the trade was not suspended or did not interrupt the operation of business activities on the basis of any legal regulation other than the Trade Licensing Act.
  • The applicant must prove that he/she is an artist or author / professional artistic and technical professional active in the field of art - music, theatre, dance, fine arts or literature.
  • The contribution for the above professions is realized in the form of a project, i.e. artistic and creative activities.
  • Furthermore, the applicant must be a tax resident of the Czech Republic, a citizen of the Czech Republic or the EU / EEA or a foreigner with permanent residence in the EU / EEA.
  • All members of the project can individually apply for support. The applications will then state that it is a joint project and each applicant will describe their share in the project. The application cannot be subsequently transferred to another person.

Further conditions:

  • the applicant was prevented or restricted from the main activity in the field of providing cultural services to the public as a result of government measures against the spread of SARS-CoV-2 disease during the declaration of a state of emergency in the Czech Republic,
  • the applicant must be registered as an income taxpayer at the tax office pursuant to Section 125, Paragraph 1 of Act No. 280/2009 Coll., the Tax Code, as amended;
  • the applicant is not in a debt position of any obligations to selected institutions which were due by 12 March 2020 at the time of submitting the application. (except for the Tax Code, No. 280/2009 Coll.)

The maximum amount of support: The maximum amount of 60 000 CZK in a way of a lump sum payment.

The total mount for Call No. 3. is CZK 800 million. The decision to grant support and release the support funds will be possible after receiving support from the European Commission.

Decisive period: 1. 2. 2021 to 31. 3. 2021

Receipt of application: It will be possible to submit applications for a contribution from 15 February to 15 April 2021.

Method of submission: Through the information system accessible from the AIS MIT Portal. Pay attention! Before working on the portal, it is necessary to establish an active identity of a physical person (account), the so-called e-Identity. Applications can be submitted, modified and evaluated, but the release of grant funds will be possible only after the notification of the Program by the European Commission, which is still ongoing. All necessary confirmations and forms are prepared for the applicant in the information system.

Methodological support for applicants will be provided by the Ministry of Culture via e-mail address:, or use a hotline 1212 operated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.