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moneyCOVID PLUS guarantee for large exporters (by Export Guarantee and Insurance Company)

COVID PLUS program for large exporters (a program of the EGAP company- Export guarantee and insurance company)

Program COVID PLUS is intended to help export businesses maintain the liquidity necessary to stay operating and prospective development. With a help of this program, the EGAP insurance company is able to offer loans of up to 142 billion CZK.


Loans guarantee within the COVID PLUS program are intended for businesses with at least 250 employees. Export covers at least a fifth of their sales. The loan guarantee ranges from 5 million to 2 billion CZK. The maximum amount of credit equates to 25% of the yearly company turnover. The amount of the guarantee is 80% of the loan principal in the case of EGAP's internal rating "B-" is 70 %, the scale used by EGAP corresponds to the rating of S&P and Fitch. The program is not intended for companies that were suffering before the state of emergency.

For more information, you can contact the EGAP agency.