The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

houseCOVID-Rent II

The state will contribute to the covid-affected businessmen's commercial rent in the fourth quarter of the year (details will be provided soon).

Subsidy covering 50% of rents for the 3rd quarter of 2020 (namely July, August, and September) for entrepreneurs who had to temporarily close their business place intended for a retail or the provision of services to customers as a consequence of protective measures adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic.

Subsidy limit is 10 million CZK per applicant. No participation from lessor e.g. in the form of a discount on rent is required.


The Application can be submitted from 21st of October 2020, 9:00 to 21st of January 2021, 23:59.


This subsidy is relevant for businesses banned or significantly restricted by Government Resolution No. 1103 imposed on 26th of October 2020. The scope of eligible applicants does not include entities in Article 1, point 8 (ban on the night and Sunday shopping), entities in Article 2, point 5 (operation of florists) and point 6 (operation of farmers markets) from Government Resolution No. 1103 dated 26th of October 2020.

Conditions for applicants

  1. The applicant is required to be an entrepreneur, natural person or legal entity. The business activity is carried out based on the Trade Licensing Act of the Czech Republic.
  2. The applicant has used a business place owned by another subject. The contract between applicant and lessor has been concluded before 1st July of 2020.
  3. The applicant belongs to the defined set of eligible applicants approved by Government Resolution No. 1037 dated on 14th of October 2020 and extended by Government Resolution No. 1107 dated on 27th of October 2020.
  4. The applicant will pay at least 50% of decisive rent (July, August, September) prior to request submission.
  5. The applicant and the landlord may not be related individuals, close people, or in the relationship of the controlling and controlled person. Further people acting in agreement, in the relationship where one of them uses significant influence over the other and individuals who are part of one consolidation unit.


The Application can be submitted online via The AIS MIT information system.

The applicant’s identity is verified electronically. The manual for electronic identification is available on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In case of a successful registration during the first call, a new registration is not necessary.

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