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Extraordinary subsidy 2021 - children's groups

The aim of the announced subsidy is to provide support to maintain the provision of childcare services in children's groups in the situation of loss of income of providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The subsidy is intended for increased costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic (part of subsidy "A") and to partially cover the costs of renting the premises in which the childcare service is provided (part of subsidy "B" or "COVID rent “).

Who is the support intended for: Providers of childcare service in children's groups (hereinafter also "provider") registered in the register of providers in the sense of Act No. 247/2014 Coll., On the provision of childcare services in children's groups and amending related laws, in the wording of later regulations, (hereinafter referred to as "ZDS").

The maximum amount of support: The total allocation of the call is set to a maximum of CZK 74,200,000. An amount of CZK 44,200,000 is allocated for part of subsidy “A” (increased costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic) and an amount of CZK 30,000,000 is allocated for part of subsidy “B” (rent). These amounts are preliminary, binding to the maximum. The allocated funds of the grant title will be granted and paid continuously from the date of announcing the grant call until the exhaustion of the total of the allocated funds.

Part of the subsidy "A" is calculated as the number of carers x a maximum of CZK 12,000.

Part of the subsidy "B" is calculated as the documented cost of the monthly rent x 0.5 x maximum of 6 months.

Receipt of applications: June 7th until August 20th, 2021

Attention to changes in applications submitted after July 27th!: The extraordinary subsidy procedure for providers of childcare services in children's groups for 2021, which was announced by the MLSA on May 3rd, 2021, has been updated. The deadline for submitting applications for subsidies has been extended to August 20th, 2021, and applicants for whom subsidies would establish public support (corporate children's groups) are now allowed to apply in addition to the "de minimis" regime in the Temporary Framework regime, which sets a higher limit for public aid. support. For more information, see the updated version of the text of the grant call, which is located with the other attachments in the attached folder (download only); changes valid for applications submitted after July 27th are in the New Call shown in blue color. 

Method of applying: The applicant sends the application in the electronic form to the MPSV data box (ID DS: sc9aavg) or in paper form to the MPSV address (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Department of Family Policy and Protection of Children's Rights, Na Poříčním právu 1/376, 128 01 Praha 2). The application must be provided with an electronic or physical signature of a natural person or the statutory body of the applicant or a person authorized to act on behalf of a legal entity. Materials sent by the data box will be saved in a non-rewritable format, eg pdf. The data message or envelope with the application must be marked with the words "Extraordinary subsidy 2021 - children's groups". In the case of applying in paper form, the relevant date is the date of delivery to the MPSV filing office, not the date of sending the application!

The above information is a summary, if you decide to apply for the grant, read the MPSV materials for this grant title (download only). You will find in them the Call, the application, the samples and several other attachments.

Information on the subsidy procedure is provided by Ing. Michal Špaček and Mgr. Kateřina Mejzlíková at and