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Contact with an infected person

This article has been archived. The indicated information may no longer be up to date.

Risky contact

Risky contact is a contact of a healthy person with an ill person when a transmission of the COVID-19 disease from the ill person to the healthy one can happen.

Risky contacts are:

a) a person sharing the same household with a positively tested person

b) a person in a one-time intensive contact with a positively tested person (e.g. kiss, hug, handshake, sneezing, coughing, etc.)

c) a person in contact with a positively tested person on a distance shorter than 1.5 meters and for longer than 5 minutes or in case of multiple repeated contacts for shorter periods of time without using adequate respiratory protection

d) a person in one room (an office, classroom, waiting room) with a positively tested person for longer than 5 minutes without using adequate respiratory protection

e) a person seated 2 rows around a positively tested person in a bus, train, or airplane, plus personnel that works there

After consultation with the worker of the Regional Hygiene Station, these rules may be specified according to the particular situation.

Such contact happened. What's next?

If you have been in close contact with an infected person, you need to quarantine.

If you have suffered from COVID-19 confirmed by an RT-PCR test in the last 30 days, the obligatory isolation took place and you do not have any symptoms, you have an exception from the quarantine.

Do not wait for the Regional Hygiene Station to call you. Please go into voluntary quarantine. If you were infected this will prevent further transmissions of the disease. Inform your GP about the risky contact by phone. He will issue you a request form for an RT-PCR test on COVID-19.

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