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I have received a SMS stating a positive test result

When you are tested positive, alongside the SMS from the laboratory you will also receive an opening SMS and the self-reporting code from the Smart Quarantine's central systems. The message is as follows (or similar):

Pro Alexandr B. (r.n. XXXX): bylo u vas potvrzeno onemocneni covid-19. Dodrzujte pravidla IZOLACE dle pokynu na do XX.XX. Kontaktujte sveho lekare pro informace o lecbe a pro pripadne vystaveni neschopenky. Dekujeme, KHS

To Alexander B. (y. of birth XXXX): you are positive for the COVID-19 disease. Do follow the rules of ISOLATION according to until XX.XX. For information about the treatment and issuing a sick leave contact your GP. Thank you, Regional Hygiene Station

This text message contains a link to a page containing detailed information about your (optionally needed) isolation.


Isolation is an epidemiologic term for the restriction of movement of the ill infectious person to one place to minimize his or her contact with healthy people and by that minimize the risk of their infecting. The shortest possible isolation period lasts 7 days.

The isolation is recognized by the law and there are high sanctions for its violations.

Please realize that you are infectious and can endanger anyone in your surroundings. If you share a household with other people, do maximum for not infecting them. It is quite common that the infected person infects other members of his/her household as well.

If you can spend your isolation alone, such as at the cottage, use this option. Especially if you share the household with people from groups high at-risk, such as old people or people with chronic diseases and especially immune diseases.

If you cannot, divide your household into sections for the healthy and for the ill (at least 1 room, better would be a separate part of the apartment or house with its own sanitary facilities). In the section for the ill, there should be only the ill person and no healthy people should visit this section (since there is a great amount of virus and a healthy person might get infected only by a short visit). In the section for the healthy, there should be only healthy people and no ill person should visit this section.

Do not be in direct contact with other people. If you need to purchase food, for example, ask your family member, neighbor, friend, use delivery service, or volunteers that help at some places, and ask them to leave your purchase at the door. Wait before the person leaves and pick up your purchase after that. Follow this rule not only for people outside of your household but also for members of the same household.

If you really need to visit the section for the healthy, e.g., to use the bathroom, toilet, or kitchen, follow the basic anti-pandemic measure 3R ("masks-hands-distancing"). All people present should wear a respirator with protection class at least FFP2 the whole time. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and disinfect them. Ventilate the rooms as much as possible. If it is possible, be alone in the room; if that is not possible, keep your distance from everyone else in the room and stay for as short time as possible. After the ill person leaves the room, disinfect the floor and used surfaces (switches, knobs, handles, TV remote controls, kitchen unit, tables, chairs, etc.). If you do not have separate sanitary facilities, visit them after healthy people, bring your own towel and disinfect after yourself (toilet, flush, switches, knobs, handles, floor, etc.).

Used clothes meant for washing pile up in your section. After piling up a larger amount of clothes, wash them separately after the healthy members’ washing at the highest temperature possible.

Have your own trash can. Use a thick-walled garbage bag. After its filling, tie it in a way that it would not untie, disinfect it, leave it behind the door and ask another family member to throw it away for you.

Do not leave your household and do not accept any visitors.

Watch your health condition and in case of its worsening, contact your GP or a specialist that treats you for your basic diseases. As goes with other diseases, if your health condition needs it, call an emergency medical service on 155.

The end of isolation

You can end your isolation after 7 days from the sampling of the first positive test performed by a health care professional if in the last 2 days no symptoms occurred; otherwise, the isolation prolongs for the whole time of having symptoms plus 2 days without them. The GP will then also end your sick leave or family member care. The day the sampling had been carried out counts as day 0 of your isolation.

Isolation cannot be terminated by undertaking a PCR test.

E-sick leave

Contact your GP who recommends you the next steps and also, if you need it, issues you a temporary e-sick leave. If you are a parent, contact your child’s GP who recommends you the next steps and also, if you need it, issues you a family member care (OČR).

Information on the COVID-19 past infection recovery certificate