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Isolation & Quarantine

What's the difference between isolation and quarantine?

Both terms denote an epidemiological measure which aims to minimize further spread of an infectious disease.

An isolation is ordered to persons in which the disease has been confirmed - in case of COVID-19 to persons whose test resulted positive.

You can get isolation ordered by a local medical service provider or a regional public health office.

A quarantine is ordered to persons having been in a so-called nearby contact with an infected person or having stayed in the centre of an outbreak or cluster during the incubation time of the respective disease.

As for the COVID-19 infection, quarantine is currently not being ordered.

Thus, the basic difference between these two terms is that  persons infected by a disease get themselves isolated, while persons having stayed in a nearby contact with them get quarantined instead.

Who can get isolated?

An isolation is ordered to persons whose RT-PCR or (in case of a person with visible COVID-19 symptoms and provided the test has been carried out by a medical professional) rapid antigene test has resulted positive.

Please notify your GP about the positive test result (he/she may issue a sick note for you and will decide about further treatment), stay in contact with him/her, watch your health state and do adhere to his/her advices and recommendations during the entire isolation period.

Protect persons close to you and stick to the following rules:

  • Isolate yourself from other persons in your household, ideally by living in a separate, well-ventilated room
  • When in common premises of your household, please do wear a personal protection article covering your respiratory tract and generally reduce contact with other members of your household to the least possible extent.
  • Do follow essential hygienic rules, in particular , sanitize your hands regularly and disinfect the premises more often.
  • Reduce any visits to your household as well as your contacts with vulnerable population groups, like seniors or persons with impaired immunity.

How I find out that I got isolated?

In case of a positive result of your test you will get notified by the lab or medical professional that carried out the antigene test. Subsequently, you will receive a text message to the mobile phone number entered previously on the test referral. The form of this information message is as follows:

Pro Alexandr B. (r.n. XXXX): bylo u vas potvrzeno onemocneni covid-19. Doporucujeme dodrzovat pravidla IZOLACE dle pokynu na do DD.MM. Kontaktujte sveho lekare pro informace o lecbe a pro pripadne vystaveni neschopenky. Dekujeme, KHS

[For Alexandr B. (born XXXX): A COVID-19 infection has been confirmed in you. We recommend following the ISOLATION rules according to the guidance at till DD.MM. Please contact your GP for information about treatment and, optionally, to get a sick note issued. Thank you, Regional Public Health Office]

Please note that you are obligated to adhere to the isolation rules even if you did not receive the text message, regardless of why you did not receive it.

How long does the isolation last?

The isolation is ordered for at least 7 days while the day of your test/sampling counts as day 0. If the symptoms of the disease continue manifesting themselves after these 7 days, the isolation gets prolonged; in this case it gets terminated 2 days after the last symptoms have faded out.

Please note that it is not possible to terminate an isolation before these 7 days have elapsed, using a negative PCR test result. 7 days are the minimal required isolation period.

How gets the isolation terminated?

If your symptoms fade out entirely within the 7-day isolation period, your isolation will get terminated automatically, there is no need to notify somebody about it.

If they still manifest themselves, even after the 7-day period has elapsed, you need to stay isolated. Please notify your GP about it and consult the further process with him/her.

Exemption from the isolation obligation

Persons with no COVID-19 symptoms who recovered from a COVID-19 infection (has to be confirmed by a lab) previously, whose isolation period ordered previously had already elapsed and in which the sampling for their positive test result had not been carried out longer than 30 days ago, shall not get isolated.

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