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Isolation & Quarantine

As for the COVID-19 infection, quarantine is currently not being ordered.

Isolation due to a COVID-19 infection is not being ordered anymore solely based on a positive test result. Starting from April 20, 2023, onwards, it will be ordered only should that be essential for the public health protection.

The Ministry of Health, based on evaluation of experience and knowledge regarding the COVID-19 disease, has changed its approach regarding ordering the isolation measure in persons with a confirmed COVID-19 infection as well as updated the Ordinance No. 101/2022 Coll., on the COVID-19 Epidemic Awareness System (Czech: Vyhláška 101/2022 Sb. o systému epidemiologické bdělosti  pro onemocnění COVID-19)

Should a COVID-19 infection in you get confirmed, you will not automatically get ordered an isolation measure anymore. An isolation will be ordered in justified cases only, such as in caregivers working with persons whose immunity is impaired or who are chronically ill, should no other epidemical measure (for example, a temporary job change within your company) be available. In that case, a medical service provider (mostly your GP) or your local public health service agency (Czech: krajská hygienická stanice) will get into contact with you and tell you all essential information and advices regarding your infection.

Please notify your GP about the positive test result (he/she may issue a sick note for you and will decide about further treatment).

Should any medical problems linked to a confirmed infection emerge, please notify your GP immediately. 

The change in the approach outlined above does not mark an end to COVID-19 - the following general essential recommendations aiming to significantly reduce spread of any respiratory tract disease still apply:

  1. Being ill, I stay at home and try to avoid directly getting in contact with the elderly or persons with impaired immunity.
  2. I stick to the respiratory tract hygiene rules.
  3. I wash my hands regularly using soap.
  4. I ventilate my premises sufficiently.
  5. I cover my respiratory tract while sneezing or coughing.

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