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I've been in contact with a person who tested positive

If you have come into "close contact" with a person who has been diagnosed with covid-19, you do not need to be quarantined or tested for covid-19, and you are not restricted in any way, but you must follow these basic rules of prevention:

  • Monitor your health for at least 14 days after contact.
  • If you show signs of illness and feel unwell, stay home until you feel better.
  • Suppose you belong to a group of people at high risk for a severe case of covid-19 (weakened immune system, chronic disease, elderly age). In that case, you should pay close attention to your health and symptoms and, if your health worsens, contact your general practitioner (GP) to determine further action, and recommend adequate treatment. 
  • For a minimum of 7 days, follow increased hygiene rules and precautions.
  • Consider wearing adequate respiratory protection on public transport, in health care facilities, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and generally in all areas where vulnerable populations are present while keeping visits to these groups to a minimum.
  • If possible, work or study from home and consider visiting leisure activities (fitness, cinema, theatre, etc.).

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