The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.


Rules and recommendations

Theatre and other artistic performances are allowed to happen if the artists are professionals. No audience can be present. Rehearsals are also allowed under the same rules. This restriction applies to performances both outdoors and indoors shows.

It is possible to broadcast a play online. 

During the recording or rehearsals it is necessary to follow several measures:

  • wear your face masks all the time except the exact time of rehearsal or performance
  • in case singing takes place in the performance or on a rehearsal, the number of people present on the stage is limited. The exact calculation of a maximum number of persons allowed to sing on the stage equals the stage area (in square meters) divided by four.
  • when playing musical instruments distancing of at least 1,2 meters from other members of the group is mandatory. Every performer is obliged to have his own music stand.

This significantly affects the economic situation of theatres, actors, and other staff. Compensation for the effects of these measures is intended to mitigate this intervention.

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