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card_giftcardChristmas shopping


Today, Christmas is inextricably linked to buying presents to your loved ones. The pre-Christmas period is the main season especially for shopping malls.

If you choose to go to the shopping centers to buy gifts, visit them during less exposed hours (off-peak), when the concentration of people is lower. Use hand sanitizers, wear a face covering and keep social distancing.

It is advised to use a card payment for your payment. The virus also spreads through cash.

The least risk when wrapping gifts is when wrapping them yourself. If you plan to use, for example, packaging services within shopping centers, observe general hygiene measures, and if you see that they are not observed by the staff (eg wrapping gifts without a veil, etc.), warn the staff of this insufficiency.

For many of us, Christmas day is the most beautiful day of the year, and together we can help protect ourselves and our loved ones this year.