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star_rateThree Kings Day Parade


Christmas traditionally ends with the Three Kings Day Parade. The most famous custom is the three-king carol, accompanied by the Three Kings’ Donation. It’s an ancient donation-collecting tradition, while most of the donations collected support the respective local charities and are not distributed countrywide. Unfortunately this year the collectors won't be able to visit you at your doorstep - at least until the epidemic situation in the Czech Republic turns better, i.e. until the PES warn level turns to (at least) 4 again.

But no problem - the coordinators are prepared, so you still can enjoy the carol - on-line (in Czech only). While doing so, you may donate as well. The aforementioned tradition of local charities as main beneficiaries of the donations collected will stay preserved.

Additionally, at 6:00pm January 10, you can enjoy the Three Kings' Day Concert, aired on the CT1 public television channel.