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After-school clubs (Družiny)

Rules and recommendations

Pupils are allowed to be present in person at the school. 

Please continue to remember to wear mouth and nose protection when visiting school premises. For more information, see here: mask and respirators in school

Exemptions from the requirement to wear a respirator must be supported by a medical certificate.

If pupils are seated, mouth and nose protection is not required. 

Students and supervisors are exempt from the obligation to prove one of the O-N-T facts when they visit: 

  • zoological and botanical gardens, museums, galleries, observatories, and planetariums, etc.
  • gyms, courts, fitness centers, and other indoor sports facilities, etc.
  • leisure education and other free-time activities (in particular various clubs)
  • concerts, theatre, film, and similar performances
  • accommodation services (e.g. outdoor schools, school trips)

And all this even in numbers of more than 20 people. The 1.5-meter spacing requirement does not apply to them either.

The same applies in the case of swimming in the context of school activities if only pupils from one school are present or the area is separated.