The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

schoolDistance learning

Rules and recommendations

Because of the epidemiological situation, in-person attendance is not allowed in schools. Schooling is held online. 

The attendance of students is mandatory. If the child is still completing compulsory school attendance, any absences must be excused within 3 days. During distance learning follow the instructions from teachers and school management. Especially on higher levels of education, monitor the school website, and the latest information released by the academic department.

Distance education relies on the possibility to connect remotely. If you do not have the necessary means to participate in this form of education, reach out to your school. They are prepared for these situations. If their resources have been exhausted, they will be able to tell you where to ask for help. For example, they will direct you to a non-profit organization.


The current time is paired with many new challenges, one of which is distance education. Distance education is in general new for teachers, parents, and students. Therefore, please be empathetic. Of course, we cannot make up for in-person learning. However, we can learn so much online.

For successful management of distance education we recommend setting up a regime:

  • wake up at a regular hour
  • create your own workspace
  • don't attend class from your bed
  • plan your assignments and responsibilities
  • take notes (it will help you to focus)
  • communicate with your teachers and classmates 
  • do not be afraid to ask questions