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Distance learning

Rules and recommendations

Distance education is currently the prevailing method of teaching (except the list of valid exceptions).

Attendance in distance education is mandatory. In case of absence, it is necessary to submit an apology letter within 3 working days. Please respect distance learning guidelines defined by a teacher or an institution. Mainly for high schools, colleges, and universities, it is also recommended to follow the official websites of the school or study department.

Quality of internet connection is crucial for distance learning. So if you do not have appropriate equipment for that, please do not hesitate to contact your school with a request for help. The institutions should be able to guide you on what to do – either they can equip you with necessary tools and devices or they can advise you who to contact to help you in your situation. For example, many nonprofit organizations can provide you with all necessary.  

These times bring many challenges for all of us, distance education is amongst them. For both teachers and students distance education is something new and everyone are getting used to it. So please be considerate to each other. Even though we cannot fully replace all the possibilities of presence education, but we can still learn a lot from online lessons.

To successfully manage the challenge of distance education, we recommend you to set up a daily routine: Get up early. Prepare your workplace well. Do not watch the lessons from your bed. Schedule your tasks and watch out for the deadlines. Make notes – this helps to stay better concentrated. Talk with your teachers and schoolmates. Do not afraid of asking questions.