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Elementary art schools

Rules and recommendations

In-person attendance during the lessons is currently allowed under observance of increased hygiene rules in all relevant facilities.

During the lessons up to 50 students (assumption: students are seated) and activities ruling out the possibility of wearing facemask (physical education, singing, playing a musical instrument), nose and mouth covering is not required. Otherwise, a surgical mask or respirator with a filtering ability of at least 94% is required to wear. Nose and mouth covering do not have to wear students with relevant health reasons (medical certification may be required to prove such condition).

More information can be found on page: Masks in schools.

Students and school staff need not comply with the O-N-T system when:

  • visiting ZOO, botanic gardens, museums, art galleries, observatories, etc.
  • visiting a gym, sports grounds, etc.
  • free-time activities,
  • cultural events (concerts, cinemas, theatres),
  • accommodation facilities.

Mentioned exclusion from the O-N-T system is valid for groups over 20 individuals as well. In addition, spacing does not have to be retained.

Please be attentive and do not visit the lessons while displaying any of Covid-19 symptoms.