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Entrance exams

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

Rules and recommendations

Entrance exams can be held in presence.

In presence participation in entrance exams is not subjected to O-N-T- system.

Please do not forget the obligation to wear face and mouth covering, more can be found on the page Masks in schools.

Detailed information about the form of entrance exams can be found on the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports websites.

During the exam, it is necessary to retain all relevant hygiene measures.

Specific conditions may change based on epidemiological situation development. In case of any changes, you will be informed here.

We also recommend following the websites of the school you are applying to. Information about important deadlines, forms of entrance exams, and hygienic measures should be found there.

We are all going through a difficult time right now, if you need any psychological help or tips on how to cope with stress, look in the section Psychological help.