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schoolFinal exams

Rules and recommendations

No form of final exams has been determined yet. Right now it is assumed that the exams will go forward as usual, with in-person attendance of students at the exam.

This could change based on the epidemiological situation. If any changes occur, you will be informed in advance on this page.

It is also important to monitor the latest information given by your school. Specifically the information from the academic department related to the date and form of the exams and the hygienic regulations surrounding them. Also, check the school website.

At the present time, students are preparing for their exams through distance education, since in-person education is not allowed. This ban also applies to practical education, with the exception of medical specializations who will continue in practical education.

We are all going through a difficult time right now, if you need any psychological help or tips on how to cope with stress, look in the section on Stress and handling the impact of the pandemic.