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schoolHomework, exams and evaluation

Rules and recommendations

In-person attendance is not allowed at any stage of schooling (with the exception of preschools).

For students taking part in compulsory education (first nine years) attendance in distance education is mandatory. The evaluation is a result of the work that the student has done during distance education. It is important to be aware of the teachers' instructions so that the student can fulfill all of their responsibilities, including homework.

For students in secondary schools, we recommend monitoring the instructions from the school management as well as those given by each individual teacher. The evaluation will be a result of the activity related to distance education. We also recommend monitoring the dates of turning in your assignments.

Teachers are allowed to examine students in verbal, written, or another form during distance education.

There is no clear methodology for the final evaluation of students for this semester. Information on the final evaluations will be updated on this website.

More information on how to manage distance education can be found in the Distance learning section.

For university students, we recommend monitoring the instructions from the academic department and individual teachers. A maximum of 10 people can be present during examinations. With the upcoming exam period, it is important to be aware of the rules on completing each of your courses. Follow the information on the form and date of the exams.