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From September 1, tests will not be reimbursed anymore (except for semi-vaccinated persons, children and some other groups).

Homework, exams and evaluation

Rules and recommendations

Students with no valid permission to attend presence lessons are taught remotely.

There is an exception for nurseries and schools intended for children of e.g. medical workers.

Individual consultations for students are currently allowed. Students can be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Attendance in online lessons is mandatory. Evaluation of online classes participation is part of the general assessment. It is crucial to follow all the instructions given by the teacher/lecturer.

High school students are recommended to closely monitor all the rules of distance education issued by the institution and specific lecturers. As mentioned above, the evaluation of online classes participation is part of a general assessment also for them. Please pay attention especially to homework deadlines and deadlines in general.

Teachers can organize examination in many forms – written, oral, multiple-choice test, or other.

Presently, is not known the methodology of final assessment at the end of the first term of the schooling year. Once the methodology is released, we will inform you. Tips on how to handle distance education can be found in section Distance education.

University students are recommended to follow the information provided by the specific study department and professors. The examination can be organized in presence. However, the number of examined students is limited to 10. Please monitor all the information closely with the end of the semester approaching – a form of examination, exam dates, exam location.