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I am a teacher

Rules and recommendations

If you are a teacher of classes that participate in full-time teaching, it is understood that you may attend school.


Widespread testing of pupils is still ongoing throughout the country. Preventive antigen testing in schools is carried once a week every Monday. 

Testing applies to all pupils, regardless of whether they are fully vaccinated or fall within the protection period following an illness. A school-based test can be replaced by an RT-PCR test (no older than 72 hours) or a RAT antigen test (no older than 24 hours) performed by a health care provider with a negative result.

More information can be found on the pages Compulsory testing of school and school staff and compulsory testing of pupils.

If you are not a teacher in a school where there is widespread testing of pupils, the following rules apply to you: mandatory testing of employees and self-employed persons.

The exemption from the compulsory wearing of protective equipment during education continues to apply only to vaccinated teachers. This is regardless of the fact that unvaccinated educators undergo mandatory in-service testing. The difference here is that if an employee does not get tested, he or she must wear a respirator at all times, the only exception being when eating and drinking (so the general exemptions do not apply - they only apply if the educator gets tested).

Rules outside the premises of schools and educational premises:

Teachers, as supervisors of children and pupils, are also exempted from proving O-N-(T) facts when visiting sports or cultural venues as part of educational activities, as well as when participating in school trips, outdoor schools, etc.

Continue to ensure that the following hygiene recommendations and precautions are met:

  • Respirators or nano veils are mandatory for students and teachers except when the student is seated, consuming food/drink, etc. Furthermore in activities whose nature excludes it, i.e. physical education, singing, etc.
  • We recommend frequent ventilation in classrooms and common areas (5 minutes between classes and in the middle of each class, or every 30 minutes).
  • Being out in the fresh air is recommended.
  • It is recommended to organize pupils' movement in the school area (including coming and going) to limit contact with pupils from other classes.

In case the school operates in distance learning mode, remember that it is not only a complex challenge for the students but also for the teaching staff. Many of us are learning with online tools as we go along. Please see that you are not only broadening your own horizons but also helping all of your students. The teacher's explanation is irreplaceable and your students will appreciate your effort to explain everything to them, at least remotely.

The current situation is very psychologically taxing. Especially in terms of the added stress that this new type of education brings. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

If you need technical help, don't be afraid to ask your children for help. They will be happy to help you and pass on their experience. If you need mental help, browse through this section.

If you need technical help, don't be afraid to ask your children for help. They will be happy to help you and pass on their experience.


Registration for priority vaccination for teaching and non-teaching staff has been closed.


There are lots of useful tips for online learning on the Ministry of Education website (only in Czech).

You can also take inspiration from webinars (only in Czech) on how to manage the challenges you may encounter in the online classroom.

For further inspiration visit this website.