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Institutional care

Rules and recommendations

The operation of establishments for institutional children's care has not been restricted in any way. It is possible to attend classes in person in these establishments if the school is a part of the establishment.

An exception from the obligation to wear a mask also applies to all educational establishments providing institutional and preventative educational children's care, schools operating within them, and educational care centers and establishments offering educational care in boarding form. Children living in these establishments do not need to wear masks.

It is still necessary to follow hygienic regulations. For example, try to limit your contact with people outside the establishment. Another advice on how to limit the spread of the virus visit the Hygiene section. Specific regulations depend on the decision of the head of the establishment. Therefore, we recommend to monitor the current rules and follow the directions given by the employees.

The current situation can take a toll on a person's mental health. Do not hesitate to ask for help. If you are facing psychological difficulties caused by separation, fear of infection, or if you are worried about your loved ones, check the Stress and handling impacts of the pandemic section.