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This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

Rules and recommendations

Kindergartens can now be attended by children from all regions.

Children do not have to be tested and they do not wear masks. Masks and respirators are not compulsory for children in kindergarten. Teachers are exempted from the obligation to wear nose and mouth protection.

Children can take part in sports activities in kindergarten.

If you notice your child is showing symptoms of Covid-19, do not send him to preschool. This will prevent the infection of other children and their families. If a teacher notices signs of infection, they put the child in isolation and contact the parents. The parents pick up the child and contact their doctor. If the doctor confirms that these are coronavirus symptoms, they issue a test request and advise on further steps.

If more children in a class are infected, the Regional Public Health Authority (Krajská hygienická stanice or KHS in Czech) can recommend that the entire class be quarantined. If a higher number of teachers and children is infected, the entire preschool can be closed.