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Mandatory testing of pupils in schools

Rules and recommendations

Screening testing for the school year 2021/2022 has already been completed.

Screening testing of pupils is no longer taking place. However, this may change depending on epidemiological development.

However, until the consequences of the tests positively tested within the screening period have elapsed, it is still true that in case of a positive result of the screening test - the school contacts the legal representative, issues a certificate of the result, the student must leave the facility immediately and the student's doctor is informed.

A positive result of a PCR or antigen test, if the pupil was in the school facility 2 days before the testing, will be reported to the school by the child's legal representative. 

Pupils who were in the same class (group) with a pupil or teacher with a positive test 2 days before or 2 days after the test will not be able to attend the lessons in person before the confirmatory test is taken, they will be able to return if negative. Exceptions are vaccinated pupils and those who have a certificate of past illness.

Pupils and supervisors are exempted from the obligation to prove one of the O-N-T rules, during sports activities within physical education. They are also not obliged to observe the 1.5 m distancing during such activities.

The same applies in the case of swimming as part of school activities, but only if pupils from one school are present or the space is separated.

A child with a positive test or with coronavirus symptoms will not be allowed to attend the lesson.