The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

schoolPrimary schools

Rules and recommendations

 Only first-graders and second-graders may attend school in person under the current government regulations.

Compulsory schooling applies to these pupils and it is, therefore necessary for them to attend classes. If your child is unable to attend school for health or other serious reasons, please contact the school.

Children are obliged to wear a face mask at all times and follow other hygienic measures.

Based on government regulations, the personal attendance of third, fourth, and fifth-graders is banned. This means that these children can't go to school at this time.

As for now, third, fourth, and fifth-graders are being taught through distance education.

The exception applies to children of employees of selected professions (e.g. healthcare). For these children, there should be designated schools in their region.

The reason is the current epidemiological situation and a high risk of infection. A lot of children meet in the classroom for a long period of time, they are also in direct contact with their teachers and parents. This is connected to a risk of infection and a lot of people who could potentially be infected.