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Students: the return home

Rules and recommendations

If you are going home, you can use for example mobile Covid-19 sampling points. Please remain in self-isolation while waiting for the test result. By doing this, you are lowering the possibility of infecting others in case of being infectious.

If you tested positive, please stay in self-isolation in your room at the residence. In case of already staying in quarantine or self-isolation, please wait for the end of the defined period and return home afterward.

In case of feeling mentally unwell, we recommend reading the section Psychological help or trying to consult your situation with a specialist.

After returning home, you are considered to be a standard family member from the perspective of any rule regulating this area.

If you only want to spend a weekend with your family, please weigh up all the possible risks for you and your loved ones. The risk of infection can be lowered for example by paying close attention to hygiene.

Current rules and recommendations of staying at the hall of residence can be found on the page Halls of residence.