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Students: the return home

Rules and recommendations

Accommodation in student housing and dormitories is restricted at the moment. Students currently resident in the Czech republic without valid exception reason have to return home.

If you are going home to your family, you can use the option of Covid- 19 testing without delay by one of the mobile testing teams. Please wait for the results of your test in isolation to prevent possible contact of your loved ones with someone Covid-positive.

If the result of your test is positive, it would be best to wait for your quarantine out in your dormitory room. We recommend the same approach if you are already in quarantine. Finish your quarantine in your dormitory and visit your family afterwards.

If you suffer from any psychological difficulties related to isolation, fear of the illness, or fear for your loved ones, check the section Stress and handling impacts of the pandemic.

After returning home the student is seen as a member of the household that he has returned to. Governmental regulations for members of one household apply to them.