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Rules and recommendations

It is possible to attend classes at universities in person if they take place.

A negative test for Covid-19 is no longer needed fo in-person attendance.

Keep in mind the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection. Find out more here: masks in schools.

The exception to the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection must be substantiated by a medical certificate.

Pupils and supervisors are exempted from the obligation to prove one of the O-N-T rules when visiting:

  • zoological, botanical gardens, museums, galleries, observatories and planetariums, etc.
  • gyms, courts, gyms and other indoor sports grounds, etc.
  • hobby education and other leisure activities (especially various groups)
  • concerts, theater, film and similar performances
  • accommodation services (eg outdoor schools, school trips)

This applies even if there are more than 20 persons. They are also not obliged to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

The same applies in the case of swimming as part of school activities, if only pupils from one school are present or if the space is separated.

It is important to observe the rules and recommendations of the particular university, as rectors make their own decisions in this regard. A good source is a website of the specific university and the study department. In addition to the study department, you can also contact the academic senate, for example.

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