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Vocational schools

Rules and recommendations

Schools operate in full-time teaching, subject to compliance with hygiene measures. 

Although there are no longer any special precautions, please continue to observe basic hygiene rules.

Ensure that children's hands are washed and disinfected regularly. Ensure that the recommended spacing of at least 1.5 m is observed. Alternatively, wear nose and mouth protection (respirator/mask) if you and your child feel safer doing so.

Above all, you are protecting yourself and your loved ones.

It is also possible for secondary school students to attend practical classes and training in person.

Do not send your children to school if they show symptoms of covid-19.

Pupils in the one-year Practical School and two-year Practical School can also attend classes on a full-time basis.

It is also possible to attend in-person practical teaching and training for students of secondary schools.

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