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From September 1, tests will not be reimbursed anymore (except for semi-vaccinated persons, children and some other groups).

Company canteens

Rules and recommendations

Currently, catering and consuming meals is allowed in company canteens and similar facilities, the government regulation that has permitted this contains, however, strong hygienic precautions that have to be adhered to:

  • only one person can sit at one (normal size) table,
  • at a long table, there must be a distance of at least 2 meters between the persons, or
  • a mechanical barrier preventing the droplet spread has to be set up (typically a plexiglass plate)
  • the operator will not allow more customers in the interior than there are customer seats,
  • the operator is obliged to record in writing the total current number of seats for customers,
  • in the case of persons who consume food and meals outside the catering establishment, but in its proximity (e.g. the dispensing window), the distance between persons must be at least 2 meters, unless they are household members,
  • for hygienic reasons, it is recommended to use non-cash payments as a matter of priority,
  • the operator must also ensure the possibility of hand sanitizing when entering indoor and outdoor areas.

Customers must be encouraged by information materials to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters while in a queue. 

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