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Company canteens

Rules and recommendations

Currently, catering and consuming meals is allowed in company canteens and similar facilities, the government regulation that has permitted this contains, however, strong hygienic precautions that have to be adhered to:

  • all persons consuming have to be seated (i.e., there cannot be more persons at a table than seats to use up) and maintain the at least 1.5-meter safe distance (except for persons sitting at one table),
  • the maximum of persons sitting at one table (excluding mutual household members) is limited to 6,
  • at a table with 10 or more seats, it is possible to seat more persons as well, provided that the at least 1.5-meter safe distance between groups consisting from 6 persons maximum (excluding mutual household members) can be maintained,
  • the canteen operator has to actively prevent meeting of persons if they meet at a distance less than 1.5 meters, this also applies to the canteen waiting area,
  • a possibility of hand sanitizing for customers has to be available, the operator has to ensure that the table plates and chair handles will get disinfected right after every use by a customer as well as a regular disinfection of contact surfaces,
  • self-service buffets are allowed again to operate,
  • in case of the presence of a live music group in the canteen, the safe distance between the customers and the performers of at least 2 meters has to be maintained,
  • the operator has to ensure the highest possible air circulation with fresh air intake (natural ventilation or a ventilation system) and without air recirculation
  • in case of a ventilation system that uses air recuperation, the operator has to ensure that the air entering and the one exiting the enthalpic exchanger do not come into contact.

For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to use non-cash payments as a matter of priority.

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