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Rules and recommendations

eNeschopenka is a sick leave (reporting incapacity to work) for the employer and the social security administration, which is issued electronically by a doctor.

The purpose of the eNeschopenka is to simplify the transfer of information, as it connects electronically three different entities — doctors, employers and the Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ).

eNeschopenka refers to the temporary incapacity to work. In practice, it means that the employee does not have to carry physical paper documents anywhere — it can be handled online remotely, from home and without the risk of getting infected. The employee will receive a certificate of incapacity to work which can be useful in the case of an inspection of the competent authorities.

In case of a positive PCR test result please contact your GP in order to get your eNeschopenka issued.

If your test carried out within a testing at your workplace results positive, you can get your eNeschopenka issued up to 5 days back in time. For details please see the Mandatory Comprehensive Testing of Employees life situation page.


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