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workWage compensation

The wage compensation is regulated in the Labor Code. The most important areas related to the wage compensation are:

Quarantine ordered to an employee

Employees, who have been quarantined, are entitled to a wage compensation of 60% of their average earnings during the first 14 days. From the 15th calendar day, the sickness insurance benefit starts.

Forced closure of an establishment in connection with the measures taken by the public authorities

This situation typically applies to cases when the employer has to reduce or close down operations according to the announced measures. In such a case, the employer is obliged to pay employees 100% of the average earnings.

The absence of a substantial part of employees in the workplace

If a significant proportion of the employees is absent from work as a result of measures related to the coronavirus pandemic (e.g. employees from abroad cannot get to work), and the employer is unable to assign work to them, employees are entitled to 100% of their average earnings.


Downtime is when the employer cannot assign work to employees due to a temporary defect or other operational causes which are not caused by the employer. Typically, this may be a reduction in the supplies of materials due to the crisis. In this case, the employee is entitled to a salary of 80% of their average earnings.

Partial unemployment

If the employer is unable to assign work due to a temporary restriction of the sales of their products or a reduction in the demand for the services they provide (which are a result of Covid-19), the employee is entitled to a wage compensation of 100%. Unless otherwise agreed in an internal regulation or with a trade union, wage compensation can be at least 60% of average earnings.


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