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How to take care of the face mask

Proper handling of the drape/respirator:

1. Fitting

Always keep your hands clean (washed with soap and water) when putting on the respirator or drape.

When putting on, try not to touch the front part, handle only the elastic bands or cords, or adjust the drape or respirator carefully around the nose. There should be no gaps between the face and the respirator after fitting.

2. Wearing

The drape or respirator must be replaced whenever wet (such does not protect). It depends on the material and the manufacturer's information on the packaging, but on average change the drape about once every 2 hours and the respirator once every 8 hours.

3. Removing

When removing the respirator, do not touch the front as this is where the droplets containing micro-organisms are. Remove them from the back with elastic bands or cords. Dispose of disposable respirators immediately after taking them off (ideally in a bin outside the house, this does not need to be a special bin). Then wash your hands with soap and running water.

Do not reuse disposable protective equipment. The filtering effect is reduced by moisture during wearing. Disinfection will destroy viruses and bacteria on the surface of the drape, but not their germs, and the filtering effect cannot be restored. Even disinfection could reduce it.